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The partnership

The QBake project will be developed by a consortium of 10 partners, including:

AINIA (Spain) – Project Coordinator – Food Research and Development Centre with previous experience in VET projects. Ainia also has participated in a number of R+D projects in Europe and in Third Countries.
Contact: Ms. Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano  - bruizbejarano@ainia.es

Campden BRI (United Kingdom) – Campden BRI is an independent, non-profit distributing, food industry membership-based research and technology organization. Their main expertise is in the bakery and canning technologies.
Contact: Mr. Paul Catterall - p.catterall@campden.co.uk

National Institute of Research&Devolpment for Food Bioresources-IBA Bucharest (Romania) is a Food Research and Development Centre with expertise in the Bakery sector. It has wide experience in participating and coordinating projects.
Contact: Ms. Claudia Mosoiu - claudia.mosoiu@bioresurse.ro

The Hellenic Food Authority is also a VET provider for Greek Food Companies, especially in Food Safety, Quality and Consumer Affairs. As a RTD, it has participated in a number of projects.
Contact: Mr. Vagelis MOURELATOS - vamourelatos@efet.gr


CEOPAN - Spanish Confederation of Bakery Organizations, the main national representative of the bread industry, with a large experience in the execution of vocational training plans and the development of  specific  training tools for the sector.

Contact: Mr. José Mª Fernández del Vallado y de la Serna (mdominguez@ceopan.es)

SEVT (Federation of Hellenic Food Industries) is the official body representing the interests of the Hellenic Food and Drink Industries at National, European and International level. It has previous experience in project managements and in involving the sector in project activities.
Contact: Ms Vasso Papadimitriou – vaspap@sevt.gr
Dr. Fotini Salta - fotsal@sevt.gr

HELAFT. The Hellenic Association of Food Technologists is a scientific and professional organization. Its main activities include assessment of industrial needs, dissemination and mainstreaming and scientific research.
Contact: Mr Spiros Kontos - spiros.kontos@gmail.com

Rompan. The Romanian Employers League of the Milling Baking and Flour Products Industry is an association devoted to the promotion and technical and economic development of the associate companies. ROMPAN is also a Center for Training, Evaluation, Professional development and Re-qualification for the Milling and Bakery Industry.
Contact: Ms. Daniela Voica - tehnic@rompan.ro

Chamber for Agriculture of County Galati. The CACG develops training activities, technical assistance for the sector, project development and dissemination activities.
Contact: Ms. Adriana TODERITA - aditoderita@yahoo.com


Ecyl. The Public Employment Service of Castilla y León provides VET training in their specialized centre CNIA in Salamanca, with facilities for training in bakery and pastry products.
Contact: Mr. Jesús Ramos - ramgarje@jcyl.es


Innopan specializes in technologies of bread, and carries out research, training and modernization, transfer, and dissemination activities. They also have previous experience in international Projects.
Contact: Ms. Águeda García-Agulló - agueda@innopan.com

q bake project
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein